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Recruitment: The Third Pillar of Accessible Employment

In our pursuit of accessible employment, the third pillar in our transformative 4 Pillar Model is dedicated to the heartbeat of organizational growth—Recruitment. This pivotal stage goes beyond traditional hiring practices, urging organizations to adapt their processes to embrace and welcome diverse talent. Let's explore the key components that make up the recruitment pillar and its profound impact on cultivating an inclusive workforce.

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Actively Recruiting People with Disabilities:

At the core of accessible employment is the intentional effort to actively recruit individuals with disabilities. This goes beyond mere inclusivity in language; it's about proactively seeking out and creating opportunities for a wide range of talents. Organizations committed to accessible employment recognize the value of a diverse workforce and actively work towards dismantling barriers that might hinder the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.

Engaging Different Interview Styles:

Standardized interviews often fall short when it comes to understanding the true potential of diverse candidates. Readiness involves engaging different interview styles and approaches that allow candidates to showcase their unique skills and strengths. By tailoring interviews to be more inclusive, organizations gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities that candidates bring to the table, transcending conventional metrics and opening doors to untapped potential.

Encouraging Proactive Disclosure:

Creating an environment that encourages and supports proactive disclosure is pivotal in the recruitment process. This involves fostering a culture where candidates feel comfortable sharing information about their abilities in relation to the position. Open communication ensures that organizations can provide necessary accommodations and create an inclusive workspace that caters to the diverse needs of its workforce.

Screening In, Not Out:

In a labor market that demands agility and adaptability, the recruitment pillar advocates for a shift in mindset—from screening out candidates to screening them in. Building candidate pools that reflect the richness of diversity requires organizations to look beyond traditional checkboxes. By focusing on what candidates can bring to the organization, rather than what they might lack, accessible employment becomes a reality that not only benefits the individuals hired but also enriches the organizational culture.

The recruitment pillar is a cornerstone in the journey towards accessible employment. It's about recognizing that diversity is not a challenge to overcome but an asset to harness. By actively seeking diverse talents, engaging flexible interview styles, encouraging disclosure, and adopting a screening-in approach, organizations pave the way for a workforce that reflects the varied tapestry of human potential.

As we reimagine recruitment practices, we embark on a transformative journey where diversity is not merely acknowledged but celebrated—a journey that propels organizations toward a future where accessible employment is not an aspiration but a lived reality.


Need Help Building your EDI Capacity?

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