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About Us

CAN WiN helps employers meet workforce needs by connecting job seekers with disabilities to accessible employers across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Our Purpose

Expanding employer capacity in Canada to recruit and retain diverse talent.

Why Partner With Us?

Business Focused – Our services are rooted in understanding Employer Partners’ unique and varied business needs and collaboratively delivering to those needs to increase workforce inclusion of people with disabilities - people with diverse talent.

Continuous Learning – We embrace continued growth opportunities, learning from job seekers with disabilities, Employer Partners, Service Partners, researchers, and leaders in inclusive employment. 


Innovation - We are innovators. We strategize to remove hiring and retention barriers for job seekers with diverse abilities, and share resources widely.


Collaboration - We work collaboratively with our Employer and Service Partners to make a significant collective impact on employment outcomes for people with disabilities - people with diverse abilities in Canada.

The Four Pillars of Accessible Employment

Throughout the work we do, CAN WiN applies The Four Pillars model of accessible and inclusive employment, helping build employer capacity to successfully hire and retain employees with disabilities.


Our four pillars are: Commitment, Readiness, Recruitment and Retention.

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Where We Work

We offer accessible employment services for eligible employers, job seekers, and employment agencies in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario.


Operated By Open Door Group

Open Door Group is leading the way with the CAN WiN expansion and is the project holder with the Government of Canada’s Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities. Thanks to this initiative, employers, job seekers, and employment service agencies across Canada can benefit from free access to CAN WiN services.

Open Door Group has been opening doors to lifelong learning and career success throughout BC since 1976. At Open Door Group we foster well-being for all by opening doors to sustainable and meaningful employment. We pride ourselves on modeling a culture of authenticity, transparency and inclusion. Our values are based on the genuine belief that all individuals can succeed and are the drivers of their own success.

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Connect With Us

Explore how we can work together to create innovative, inclusive workplace solutions.

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