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We're Collaborating with ICBC!

We are thrilled to announce a unique, ongoing recruitment venture between ICBC and CAN WiN. In their commitment to create an inclusive workplace, ICBC are actively seeking individuals with disabilities who bring diverse skills and perspectives to their teams across BC. Together, we aim to match your unique skills and strengths with roles that align with your career interests.

Why Join ICBC?

A longstanding CAN WiN Employer Partner, ICBC has shown a dedicated commitment to fostering and inclusive and accessible environment and work culture for employees with disabilities.


By joining ICBC, you become part of a team where your abilities are not just recognized, but celebrated. ICBC believes in the potential of every individual and is committed to help you realize yours.

Find out more about careers at ICBC on their website.

How Do Candidates Apply?

To be considered for a position with ICBC, fill out a Candidate Referral Form. A CAN WiN Inclusive Workforce Specialist (IWS) will be in touch to complete a pre-screening interview to discuss your candidate’s work experience and determine what workplace accommodations, if any, they require to succeed at work.


We are dedicated to finding roles that can best utilize your expertise and abilities. Join us in building an inclusive and diverse workplace.

What Roles Are Available?

Insurance Contact Centre Representatives

North Vancouver, BC, Canada


Talent Sourcing Specialist - Indigenous

Canada Post-Lynnmour Post Office, Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Insurance Contact Centre Representatives

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Customer Contact Representative II (Driver Licensing)

910 Government Street, Downtown, Victoria, BC, Canada


Developer - Intermediate

North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Finance Account Services Representative

151 Esplanade West, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Any Questions? Ask Jasmine!

Jasmine has proudly served as an Inclusive Workforce Specialist with CAN WiN British Columbia for the past four years. With a strong focus on the tourism and hospitality sector, Jasmine has over two decades of experience as a human resources professional. As a seasoned business leader, she has consistently demonstrated her proficiency in strategic planning, effective execution management, fostering positive employee and labor relations, cultivating and nurturing talent, enhancing organizational capability, and applying her expertise to drive tangible results.

Jasmine’s expertise extends to recruitment and training, ensuring the development of a skilled and diverse workforce. Her career trajectory showcases a remarkable ability to create inclusive work environments, leveraging human resources strategies to deliver exceptional business outcomes.

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