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Website Accessibility

CAN WiN is committed to providing a website that meets the highest standards of web accessibility, in line with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). To ensure transparency and accessibility for all users, we have outlined where our website meets the WCAG 2.0 AA requirements, as well as the very few aspects that do not.

As of 2023, we have conducted the following:

  1. The website met most of Priority 1 (Perceivable) guidelines, including providing text alternatives for all non-text content and ensuring that information and structure can be separated from presentation.

  2. We have also met most of the Priority 2 (Operable) guidelines, such as making all functionality operable via a keyboard interface, helping users avoid mistakes and make it easy to correct them, and providing mechanisms to help users find and navigate through content. However, there are still some areas we are working on to meet full compliance with Priority 2 guidelines. For instance, intelligent corrections of user input is an area we plan to address.

  3. Additionally, meeting the Priority 3 (Understandable) guidelines, such as making content readable and understandable and making the placement and functionality of content predictable, will take time as it requires us to rewrite and present all content in plain English.

  4. Finally, we strive to meet all Priority 4 (Robust) guidelines, such as supporting compatibility with current and future user agents (including assistive technologies) and ensuring that content is accessible or providing an accessible alternative. We are always open to feedback on how we can improve our website accessibility to better serve our users.

For more information on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), please visit this link

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