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Empowerment Beyond Barriers: Navigating Your Career Journey in Canada

Introducing the launch of the free & accessible Newcomers disAbility Toolkit!

In 2022, Statistics Canada revealed that nearly one in five Canadians aged 15 and over has one or more disabilities. Despite comprising such a significant portion of the population, only 62 percent of working-age Canadians with disabilities are employed. For newcomers with disabilities, this employment gap is often widened by barriers such as language and culture barriers, unfamiliarity with the local labour market, and unawareness of the resources available to support people with disabilities.

"Canada is a land of immense possibilities and opportunities," says Farshid Sadatsharifi, Project Manager at Untapped Accessibility. "However, Canada also has its flaws: in the minds of many, including employers, biases and assumptions about the capabilities of people with disabilities persist, particularly regarding what they cannot do. These attitudes create hidden but powerful barriers in our job search."

Recognizing these challenges, Open Door Group and ISSofBC have collaborated to develop and launch the Newcomers disAbility Toolkit. This initiative aims to provide essential resources and insights to support newcomers with disabilities in their job search journey. The toolkit includes informative infographics, external resources, and insights into legislation and available community services, all geared toward assisting individuals in finding sustainable and meaningful employment.

ISSofBC is a well-established organization committed to delivering diverse services for newcomers for over five decades. Its work to help immigrants build a future in Canada includes settlement and integration services, language, skill training and employment services. "As we endeavor to build a future where we all thrive together in the community, we realize newcomers with disabilities face significant barriers to accessing services and finding employment. ISSofBC partnered with Open Door Group to develop and deliver employment-related disability resources and training to better support clients with disabilities and added this to our portfolio," states Carla Morales, Director of Language & Career Services at ISSofBC.

Open Door Group is a non-profit organization with a mission to foster well-being for all through meaningful and sustainable employment. Like ISSofBC, Open Door Group operates to ensure that all people have access to opportunities that give them purpose, prosperity, and belonging. "In BC, we serve over 8,000 people annually, including newcomers with disabilities and people facing challenges finding and maintaining employment. We work with hundreds of employers in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario to recruit and retain people with disabilities. We are honored to partner with ISSofBC to serve and support newcomers, particularly knowing that people with disabilities may face additional challenges along their career journey. This toolkit is an excellent example of our work together in helping immigrants build a future in Canada," highlights Alona Puehse, Chief Executive Officer of Open Door Group.

"It’s important to recognize that awareness of disability inclusion is growing. There are organizations dedicated to helping us, particularly those with disabilities, to find rewarding work," emphasizes Farshid Sadatsharifi. "Their support has been invaluable in bridging the gap between job seekers and employers for many, including myself. That is why I try not only to appreciate them but also to introduce them to people who need this type of service, and I am delighted to see the Newcomers disAbility Toolkit is providing us with so many valuable resources."

By providing valuable resources and support, the Newcomers disAbility Toolkit aims to bridge the gap between job seekers with disabilities and prospective employers, ultimately fostering greater opportunities for all. This toolkit represents the partnership and collective efforts of organizations and individuals striving to create a more inclusive and accessible community where everyone can thrive. Explore this toolkit to help you overcome challenges and unlock potential employment opportunities in British Columbia!

NOTE: If you're a person with a disability seeking employment opportunities with respectful and accessible employers across Canada, consider exploring our accessible career opportunities. We are committed to supporting individuals with disabilities in disclosing their disability to their employers and establishing workplace accommodations to ensure sustainable employment. Get in touch to learn more about how we can assist you in your job search journey.

By understanding your rights, advocating for your needs, and accessing available resources, you can navigate the process of finding meaningful and sustainable employment in Canada!

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