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3 ways for B.C. employers to be involved in the New Inclusive Economy

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

A wheelchair user sits at a desk in front of a red brick wall working on her laptop and smiling as her head is turned to the right.

Inclusive employers are looking for new possibilities for work and workplace accommodation. At the same time, employees are drawing clearer boundaries for their physical and mental health.

In time for National Disability Employment Awareness Month, the New Inclusive Economy research team is engaged in conversations about inclusive employment in different industries in British Columbia. We are inviting participation from employers who aspire to be disability-inclusive, self-employed people with a disability, and B.C. employers with an inclusive employment story to share.

The New Inclusive Economy project is inviting participation in a short online survey (15 questions, apx. 10 minutes) to help us understand more about things that are common or unique across employers who want to be inclusive in hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.

What is this survey about?

The New Inclusive Economy is a British Columbia-wide research project exploring alternative economic approaches to inclusive employment and how employers recruit and retain people with disabilities. We are learning about which workplace conditions and practices lead to meaningful employment with disabilities, and what are the alternative economic approaches to providing meaningful employment. We are also asking about the challenges faced by employers who want to be more inclusive, and what internal/external supports can be provided to meet those challenges.

Who is the New Inclusive Economy for?

This project will result in a set of promising practices for employers and entrepreneurs who want to be more inclusive and equitable and to identify economic models that lend themselves well to inclusion.

Here are three powerful ways to participate in the New Inclusive Economy research project, today:

For more information about the New Inclusive Economy, please contact: Leni Goggins, Project Manager New Inclusive Economy Project

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