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User Testing Opportunity

IncluCity Calgary

Calgary, AB, Canada


$60 for 1 hour interview

Employment Type


Job Summary

IncluCity Calgary is collaborating with The City of Calgary on a project to make their digital services more usable, inclusive, and accessible for everyone. We are specifically looking for individuals who use assistive technologies or devices to access the internet. If chosen, the test participant will join us virtually or in person for a usability test, to help us ensure the cities digital services are made with the needs of everyone in mind.

Job Duties

Identify challenges to online access for digital services.

Employee Benefits

What You Bring

People identifying as having a disability and making use of assistive technologies or devices to access the internet (screen reader, modified keyboard, mouse or computer) and can navigate the internet independently or with minimal support from others.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying for this position or have a candidate who does, please email and an Inclusive Workforce Specialist will be in touch to assist you!

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