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About our Employer Partner

SureCall is a purpose-driven certified B Corporation, that provides business process optimization solutions to a global customer base.  We use technology to design solutions that streamline processes and workflows by digitizing and streamlining to work within the customer environment. We combine that with a front-end team to manage the direct customer interaction and process transactions as required.  Our solutions eliminate waste and remove many paper processes for our clients. By using our outsourced environmentally conscious solutions they also reduce their own carbon footprint. Our curated solutions take on both front and back-end challenges and create amazing customer experiences so that our clients can focus on their core business. Less stress for them, fun for us! 

Our client partners get 24 x 7 x 365 award-winning multilingual services for their customers and a partner that gives back to the community with every transaction we do. We focus on utilizing our business as a force for good while providing world-class performance as an outsourced service provider. We created the “GoodCall” program that gives 2% of our Top Line revenue back to the community and to educating women and girls in underprivileged social circumstances. We have been a “do well by do good” company before it was the popular thing to do, impact.

The best part about partnering with us is our DNA, we have a dynamic culture that will resonate with our partners. We tie everything back to our vision of ‘Empowering our Partners and Transforming the World’. Please watch the video link to learn more and what we accomplished last year.

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