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Rafiken Social Enterprises

In partnership with CAN WiN Since

January 2024

Rafiken Social Enterprises

About our Employer Partner

Rafiken Social Enterprises was established to create and support innovative approaches to employment for neurodiverse people who want to work. We believe that every individual has strengths, talents and potential to contribute to society. We envision an inclusive world in which neurodiversity is celebrated and every individual can achieve their full potential, thereby contributing to and strengthening their personal well-being and their communities. Understanding and embracing neurodiversity in the workplace is essential to building an inclusive society. 

Through our own initiatives and in collaboration with like-minded organizations, we aim to inspire enterprises in multiple fields to create environments that can harness each individual’s strengths and provide workplace accommodations as necessary. We also encourage all businesses to consider neurodiversity when creating equity, diversity and inclusion plans and goals.

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