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We're Collaborating with Ledcor!

We are thrilled to announce a unique, ongoing recruitment venture between Ledcor and CAN WiN. In their commitment to create an inclusive workplace, Ledcor is actively seeking individuals with disabilities who bring diverse skills and perspectives to their teams across Canada. Together, we aim to match your unique skills and strengths with roles that align with your career interests.

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Why Join Ledcor?

A longstanding CAN WiN Employer Partner, Ledcor has shown a dedicated commitment to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment and work culture for employees with disabilities.


Great Benefits

Ledcor's total rewards package is designed to provide compensation and benefits programs that support your health, wellness, and financial security. They support the communities they work in, their True Blue spirit and uncompromised commitment to each other will leave you feeling proud at the end of your day.

Career Growth

Your career development and personal growth is important to Ledcor. They'll help you build your career by providing opportunities and resources to learn new skills and knowledge that support your goals. 

Challenging Work

Ledcor are one of North America’s most diverse group of companies. They have exciting and challenging projects for you to work on. Everyone contributes, their success has been built from the ground up.

How Do Candidates Apply?

To be considered for a position with Ledcor:

  1. Review the Ledcor Careers Page for your province and determine which positions are of interest.

  2. Fill out the Candidate Referral Form for your region and upload a copy of the candidate's resume.


A CAN WiN Inclusive Workforce Specialist (IWS) from your province will be in touch to complete a pre-screening interview to discuss your candidate’s work experience and determine what workplace accommodations, if any, they require to succeed at work.

British Columbia

Any Questions? 

Our British Columbia Team are here to help. Email Us

Mountain & Prairies

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Any Questions? 

Our Mountain & Prairies Team are here to help. Email Us


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Any Questions? 

Our Ontario team are here to help. Email Us

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