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Residential Cleaner

Custom Maids

Toronto, ON, Canada



Employment Type


Residential Cleaner

Job Summary

Providing house cleaning services to different clients living in apartments, condos and houses in the city of Toronto.

Job Duties

Residential cleaning. Our Service Boundaries Are:
· North to Steeles, West to Etobicoke,
· East to Scarborough & South to Downtown.
· We tailor a schedule in YOUR part of the city.

Employee Benefits

• Work independently, not in teams & clean 2 homes a day (within Toronto's city limits)
• Work 6 to 8 hours each day (either Tuesday through Saturday OR Wednesday through Sunday)
• Have 2 consecutive days off each week
• Are free every evening

What You Bring

Do you possess a strong work ethic?

Do you have a strong service orientation?

Are you a continuous learner?

To us, the ideal candidate for employment is one who comes to us with years of prior cleaning experience and verifiable references. However, if you feel that you have the necessary "character" for the position, we encourage you to submit your candidature.

How to Apply

Fill out the candidate referral form and upload your resume when prompted. Every applicant will receive a screening call from either Jackie or Donald.

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