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Services for Employment Service Agencies

Provide innovative workforce solutions that help your clients find meaningful careers with inclusive employers!

What We Offer

Partner with us to bridge the gap and implement innovative workforce solutions that have a real impact, removing barriers to employment and fostering long-lasting partnerships. Together, we can create a more inclusive and diverse workforce that benefits everyone. We offer accessible employment services for eligible employment service agencies in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario, both in-person and virtually.

Recruitment Services

CAN WiN Inclusive Workforce Consultants specializes in accessible and inclusive hiring solutions that connect you and your clients with employers across Canada who prioritize accessibility and inclusivity. We're committed to helping your clients land their dream careers and achieve their full potential. 

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Retention Support

Our commitment to you extends beyond the successful recruitment of a candidate. We collaborate with you, your clients, and employers to ensure a seamless onboarding experience, with ongoing support for talent retention.

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One-stop Access

Our platform offers one-stop access to a large network of inclusive employers across Canada, streamlining the employer outreach process and making it easier for you to connect with them. Through CAN WiN, you can find the employment opportunities that match your clients' skills and preferences in an efficient and effective manner!

Resources for Employment Agencies



Assess your disability inclusivity as an organization with this free 15-minute online self-assessment. Discover your strengths and areas for improvement. Take it now!




Untapped Accessibility is a social enterprise of Open Door Group. They work with organizations across Canada to deliver accessibility that reaches beyond compliance to create truly inclusive organizations for all.



Nominate organizations for the Untapped Workplace Inclusion Awards! These awards recognize outstanding accomplishments in inclusion and promote the use of diverse talent pools as a critical business strategy. Celebrate workplace inclusion by submitting your nominations today!

Connect With Us!

Explore how we can work together to create innovative, inclusive workplace solutions.

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