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Jamie Millar-Dixon


Vancouver, BC

Jamie is the lead Inclusive Workforce Specialist with CAN WiN and the founding Inclusive Workforce Consultant with BC WiN.  She has an extensive HR background of over 30 years, specializing in DEI with both public and private sector employers.

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About Jamie

As Principle Consultant at MacLeod Silver HR Business Partners, she co-authored Untapped Talent B2B Guide on Innovative Recruitment and Retention, a resource for employers on how to easily adapt recruitment and retention practices to hire more people with disabilities. Jamie also led a project that provided recommendations on recruitment and retention standards to Accessibility Standards Canada to support the new Accessible Canada Act for federally regulated employers.

Jamie lives in Vancouver and serves our Employer Partners and Service Partners in #BritishColumbia and beyond.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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